Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Glencroft

I could say that this is a labour of love, but I don't think that really fits the bill.  It's more a labour toward freedom, creative freedom that is.  This is a Greenleaf Glencroft kit.  Each little bit more of it that I complete is met with great excitement - I've been at it for months now.  Putting walls together earns the Happy Dance!

I'm having to learn to push away from my safe perfectionist tendencies and fly out into creative, just wing-it free fall.  I thoroughly recommend it as a form of therapy.  The greatest lesson of all is realizing that if you don't like an effect, you scrape, cut, pull it off and start again!

Wooden trims are made from balsa - cheap and easy to cut.  The 'plaster' is Bostik tile grout, gives a nice patchy rough finish for the rustic look.

Splurged on the Tudor Red brick slips from Richard Stacey's line.  Made from real brick, they give you the look of 'real'.  These have yet to be grouted.

The front door and kitchen window frame I have been staring through for months.  If I was a building contractor, I wouldn't hire me :)

A bit of a blurry pic, but I like the aerial view - shows how close I am to getting the end walls on. 
Da da da dum - drum roll!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ode to Fruit Loops

Ahh Fruit Loops, my stalwart childhood friend. White Knights have gone from tooth-crunching sticky awesomeness to soft nougat fizzle, they've taken the red hot smokey ends off FADS 'cause kids were pretending to inhale, and there are boxes and boxes of wholesome extra fibre for a healthy colon cereal.  But you, my little round, highly sweetened, highly coloured, deliciously fruity rings of flavoured delight - you remain unchanged, untampered, unfazed by the passage of time. You are a true friend, your loyalty spans more than 30 years. 

All hail the Loop of Fruit!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Here I am!  I don't have much to say as yet, but just wanted to get started. 

The above is my first mini crochet doiley.  I used a 0.6mm hook and Gutermann 100% silk thread.
A magnifying glass from the kid's science kit came in really handy for counting chain!