Monday, 2 April 2012


I recently purchased some fantastic miniature William Morris prints which I will write about soon.  They will go towards dressing my Tudor four poster bed bought some 18 months ago from a UK artisan.  In preparation of their arrival I thought I'd better make the mattress.  It was ultra fun to make and surprisingly quick and easy to get a great realistic result.  I used a tutorial by Kris at 1 Inch Minis 

Kris's tutorials are awesome!   Very clear instructions with lots of photos.  She is very inventive with her use of paper card and paper strips.  For Aussie readers, I used a ticking fabric purchased from Spotlight.  The Foam Board can be purchased from Officeworks.  Kris mentions card stock - I found this equates to plain white scrapbooking paper also available in Spotlight.  The poster board she mentions I used a 250 gsm cardboard from Officeworks.  I've recently discovered the pads of 220gsm watercolour paper I have and pastel/charcoal papers are also a good weight for forming bases in re-upholstering your mini furniture.  Cereal boxes work just as well!