Friday, 1 June 2012

Kathy's William Morris Mini Fab

Here's a glimpse of those fabulous William Morris-inspired mini fabric prints I mentioned.  Aren't they just fantastic?!  I think so, and plan to fill Droston Park with them wherever and whenever the fancy strikes - which could be a lot.

These are the brainchild of Kathy Schimack of Colorado US.  Frustrated with the lack of 1/12 scale fabrics to suit the Victorian era, Kathy put her background in design to work and created her own adaptations of popular period prints.  She has the designs printed professionally on fine 100% quilting fabric.  They are totally dye set so no bleeding colours and wash up beautifully.  I can attest that they are soft and easy to manipulate around awkward seat cushion shapes when recovering your mini easy chair or sofa. 

Kathy has Fat 1/8 pieces (18"x10") available for purchase in her Etsy shop SydneyStyle.  I have an eyeball on some really lovely rose and toile prints right now.  Also for sale are cushion cover and rug canvases to match many of the designs, printed on silk guaze.  My 'oh gorgeous' says yes to those, whilst my 'you have enough projects on the go' says do you see how many tiny stitches you would need to do to finish one of those?  'Oh gorgeous' may win out.

And here is the first piece I stripped back and recovered with Kathy's fabric.  This was just a basic cherry red high gloss chair bought off Ebay.

I stripped back the thick layer of stain and gloss, yellowed the still pinkish tone down a little with a wash of raw umber and yellow ochre watercolour paint, which I also used to add a little shadow definition to the legs, and finished off with a couple applications of Cabinet maker's furniture wax.

I made plumper, thicker cushions than this little chair was first graced with.  If I were a mini people with a mini tush I'd like a super comfy seat to lounge upon.  On the seatback I added a little extra luxury with some tufting.  That was fun and a whole lot easier than I thought.  Just youtube for a video on tufting a full size chair and copy the technique in mini.

Peaking behind the chair you may spy a table laden with goodies.  That's for next time, some amazing food delights by Amanda Speakman, a few of my favourite collected pieces and even something I managed to make!