Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fine Threads

I am not at all the most prolific blogger.  I might blog more if I actually did more!  I have no idea how all the ultra productive folks in miniworld get so much done.  You must have bottomless pits of creative energy.  The Droston Park construction site currently sits idle.  There has been a little work on the flooring and the beginnings of a flight of stairs up to the second floor but it's a good thing there's no family waiting in the wings to move in - they'll be in a rental for a while yet.

What I have done, however, is dance a merry diversion with a thoroughly enjoyable mini petit point cushion kit by Nicola Mascall who currently resides in England.  I LOVE these kits.  Without Nicola's kit I would have procrastinated over attempting mini embroidery for months.  Everything you need comes in one little package - large coloured design chart, needle, pre-sorted threads, pre-mounted silk gauze, comprehensive instructions - everything.  You just pick up the needle, thread it and away you go!!

AND GUESS WHAT!!! Drum roll please ........


I changed things a little by adding tassels.  You know how things don't quite turn out the way you'd like and you have to get inventive to cover it up?  Well the cord trim didn't sit quite right in one corner, so I used the left-over green thread and made some itsy bitsy tassels.  Yes, I have a magnifier light - did I mention how much I loooovvve my magnifier light?

For the stuffing I used those hole-less teeny tiny glass micro beads.  If you live on the back end of a donkey's butt like me and there aren't any proper craft supply stores in town or the next - which is over a 100km's away - then embrace eBay as your new best friend.  I now have enough micro beads for quite a few cushions at only $15 AUD.  Yay eBay.  Your other best friend should be Etsy.  I have purchased yet more micro beads from that wonderful international online marketplace.  I think these are even smaller, I'm going to try for that heavy floppy old cushion look and thought smaller beads, and therefore less gaps between, could achieve that.

Nicola also sells items in her Etsy shop - NicolaMascall Miniatures
As well as some of her kits, here you will find finished items stitched by Nicola at what I consider to be very good prices.  This is eye-busting labour.  The Abusson carpet is a stunner with over 70,000 stitches! One day... one day - for now I have just received another cushion kit and a firescreen kit. 
So I am looking forward to tomorrow, fresh eyes, and a new needle to thread.  Silk threads this time, and finer count silk guaze - did I mention how much I love my magnifier light?