Monday, 24 September 2012

Concord Remake

 Upholstering seems to be my thing at the moment.  Reupholstering puts me in that place of Zen that I haven't yet been able to get to with the building of the house.  Any kind of creative hobby is a very potent therapy for people who have closed off their creative flow for more years than is healthy.  It is taking me a lot of effort to get my flow open and for whatever reason facing the hanging of doors on hinges or building stair rails leaves me feeling like I've run a marathon.  Upholstering mini furniture on the other hand...

 This little beauty is a Concord 2 seater sofa.  Stripping down and pulling apart is a LOT of fun.

The seat and back got an extra layer of padding with a layer of cotton quilt batting - oh how the stash of previous hobby materials comes in handy.  There will be no quilts made in the foreseeable future, however this is the perfect weight to give your mini chairs a little extra lift.

And here she is with a new lease on life.  I've used one of Kathy's William Morris fabrics again (see mention in a previous post).

The chair legs were stripped with a standard paint stripper, given a light sand and then rubbed with cabinet maker's furniture wax.  As you can see this is art imitating life, the sofa doesn't sit balanced on the floor so a tinsy piece of folded paper does the job to keep my little peoples steady.  Life isn't perfect and I am learning to let go of the need to make minis perfect.  Sure I could have pulled half the sofa apart and re-glued to get the legs even, but WHY?  That would be NUTS.  We should allow ourselves to embrace our 'imperfections' because everything has a purpose and things don't have to be perfect to be good.