Friday, 1 February 2013


What do you do when you want a tiny realistic toothbrush?  Pick up a scalpel and carve.  The washstand is the 1/24 McQueenie kit I made up.  The wood is mahogany so it didn't need staining.  I used Danish Oil to bring out the natural colour and gave it a couple applications of carpenter's furniture wax.  

You don't normally leave your toothbrushes on the stairs but I don't have a bathroom yet!  I plan to make more.  The fun part is when you have the shape mostly carved and the wood splits right up the middle causing a re-start!  It's a special type of mediation I think :)

The Little Red Door

I'm working up to the big house and getting in a little practice with the itty bitty.  One of my recent flights of fancy said "hey I know, why don't you make your own dollhouse for dollhouse from scratch".  And I thought - yeah that's a really cool idea, so I have.  I bogged right down in the final stages - ie hinge application because I am completely hinge challenged - and it took some major wallowing in Red to get me through.  A side step to make up the 1/24 scale washstand kit by McQueenie didn't hurt either - notice the cool red tiles that come with the kit.  I love kits, everything is there, cut, ready to assemble, sand and stain.  The paned window is one of the many to be made for Droston Park (The Glencroft), however I decided it was going to go into a smaller scene instead because my techniques have changed a little since I made this window, and it won't match all the others I make now.  What's one window, I'll have another knocked up in a flash yeah?

Anyway, the little house.  I used matt board (the heavy card used by picture framers) and the occasional piece of balsa.  The measurements and size - I winged it.  Graph paper came into its own in the design phase.

This is my prototype so I experimented with floor colourings and paint washes. 

There are sooo many layers of gesso, titanium white and various other paints on here - you wouldn't know though.  I sanded, quite a bit.

And there it is - my Red Door.  I really like my red door.  This version has fireplaces in two rooms, I couldn't resist - what's a house without a fireplace.

Hinge surgery - I mentioned my hinge definciency.  This was attempt number something or other - a lot more than two.

The sweet doll is a Dilly Doll by my sister Carrie.
She has one like it currently available in her shop - Adelaide Dilly Doll

And a chimney of course!  Smoke has to go somewhere, no smokey rooms for these little folk.

You may notice that this little dollhouse is inside my bigger dollhouse - the little one has a roof!!

Walk in beauty, Sherri-Lee :)