Tuesday, 21 May 2013


This fabulous example of Townsville suburban plasterboard interior is my making-things corner.  It's also the corner of the lounge room.  I've taken it over as a place to make stuff.  On occasion I do indeed make something.  There is a bunch of flowers evident, a Mother's Day delivery from my husband who is currently deployed to foreign shores in a place with bullets, missiles, and big fences with gates.  The house shell on the right, if you can make it out in this awesomely dark and blurry photo, is the Glencroft in process.  Of course I gave her the grander name of Droston Park and she has a staircase now!  Whoot!!!

..... And then I got distracted as I tend to do.... and took over the dining table for a sewing project.

Light in my cement plasterboard house is what I would call 'dim' or perhaps more kindly 'low'.  My solution?  The Coleman head torch lying over the Red Handled scissors.  Puts a nice spot light on everything in blinding LED, following me wherever I go.  And the kids are real kind when they come by, making no mention at all of my impersonation of Cyclops.  They're also not bothered in the least that we haven't been able to use the table for actual dining for a little while and probably some time yet to come.  Thanks kids, you're awesome!

And look!  Droston Park also has understairs fixed and plastered!

Before pressing on with Droston's staircase, I played with some 'Solid Water' by Deluxe Materials and spruced up a glass vase with some paper flowers and tiny beads.  This was for my youngest daughter's dollhouse.  I thought the water would be opaque and yellowish because the Solid Water is in the container, but the results are lovely clear spring water. 

Those who are familiar with Rik Pierce may have noticed that the above photo and the one below show the Fair Rosamund's Bower kit.  My sister and I were able to get ourselves to New Zealand in March to attend Rik's last Southern Hemisphere workshop in Nelson.  Gorgeous country, lovely people - would go back in heatbeat.

And as a parting howza (I bet that doesn't translate in Google) - 

My sister and I many years ago, because I think she's awesome also.  I'm the blonder, chubby-faced one.  I'm not so blond anymore, not at all actually, the blond disappeared not so long after this photo, to be replaced by a colour more in line with my probable Mediterrean heritage, buried in there somewhere amongst the Brit/Polish/German bitza.  Just thought I'd put one of the craziest theories to rest - there are two of us - sisters with the same last name - and she isn't a nefarious Moriarty with 8 different identities, she's too busy making mini's and raising children for that.  Her integrity is second to none, and her creative talent is my inspiration.  We're good folk, honest to a fault and loyal to the last hemoglobin-ish drop.  She's the one who's good with people, I'm the slightly forboding one with the almost perpetually drawn brows who probably scares folk off.  Even more so now lol!!  I've probably incited folk to curiousity, I'm just having my little say on a matter.  The rest, in the words of River Song, are 'Spoilers, Sweetie.'