Saturday, 14 September 2013

Knit One Purl One

Hi all!  Hope life finds you well.  I have seen from Blogland that much creativity has been taking place.  Myself I'm finding the days are just buzzing by - I keep picking up random comments from people numbering the days until Christmas - and there aren't that many!  2014 will be upon me before I've noticed.  There has not been a great deal of mini-ness coming out of my 'Making-things corner'.  I feel as though the year has been spent on the process of 'cleaning out'.  I have industriously stripped cupboards and tossed anything I no longer want to keep cleaning and tidying up.  Husband has been away in Afghanistan since the beginning of April so my days are mostly about running the household.  The kids have had a year of various illnesses, my eldest was very ill for months and energies went in helping her to come back to wellness.  I think 2013 has plain tuckered me out.  Craftwise I have focused more on knitting actually.  

The Pale Lavender Afghan throw above is knitted in 1/12 scale from a full size pattern using silk thread.  I think I unpulled almost as much as I knitted in the end.  I'm currently knitting a lacey shawl in RS - a little easier on the eyes and co-ordination.

More of my time is spent with my other love and dare I say here, my greater love, of crystals, minerals, and stones.

Well, it's hot here today.  We're heading back into the summer season.  There has been no significant rain in months, even during our 'wet season', so the landscape is more than a little dry.  I spend more time outside just enjoying trees and grass and connecting with Mother Earth in hopes of recouping my mojo.

This is the backyard - looks great doesn't it!!!  This was a couple months ago just after I mowed the lawn.  There's a lot of lawn - which is why I haven't mown it since hahahaha!!!

At the moment I'm using as much of our water allowance as I can to keep it looking green.  Yes we have water use restrictions in Townsville.  If you have a couple lean years of rain the town resouviours in the rain catchment areas don't fill up so residents are always required to follow a yard watering schedule and if you go over the council makes sure you know it with a good size water rates bill.

Here's eldest - adorable or what - looking much much healthier and happier than earlier in the year.  Rebekah is the exceptionally proud recipient of 'Maison des Livres' made by her aunt Carrie Lavender from an old narrow bookcase which had seen much better days.  Now it has had the ultimate facelift!

Rebekah may shoot me if she sees I've uploaded this candid pic of her to the InterWebs.  I think it's great - shows how big this dollhouse is!  There is one light left to get plugged in.  I ran out of slots on the powerboard and need to spend some time tidying up and extending wires.  Can't rush these things ;)

Blessings all and be well, Sherri-Lee