Saturday, 26 April 2014


Howdy, so here's my bi-annual post lol.  I had a rush of blood to the head sometime before Christmas and pulled out the paperclay.  My sister and I attended a Rik Pearce workshop in New Zealand last year - OMG it was a year ago!!  Anyway since learning from this unassuming genius, the secrets of paperclay techniques such as brickwork, have been demystified.  Having a high quality paperclay is the first and foremost of importance.  Don't muck about with what's cheapest to buy, do yourself a favour, decide you're worth the extra cost and go with Creative Paperclay.

Having the tools Rik provided for the workshop, such as the roller and rolling board, and brick sizing nifty little pieces of plastic, makes a huge difference.  The rolling board enables you to roll out clay sheets to 5mm thickness evenly and perfectly every time.

So here I'm just having a fun play, getting over my clay aversions, paint perfection fears, and whatever other demon of overly high self-expectation raises its head whenever I set about making something.

There's still a bit to do.  An impression of a tiled roof is planned, some guttering perhaps, and a bit of greenery.  The interior is also a work in progress.  To decorate I'm having to decide what it is I like... one of life's challenges.

Walk in Beauty folks, Sherri-Lee.