Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hello again!  Some more pics.  Just to re-iterate I did not make this house, Carrie Lavender did, from an old narrow bookcase I wasn't using anymore.  I 'look after it' when the eldest daughter is away at Uni.  It could possibly be said I mention Carrie and her works a fair bit, however I am very proud of what she accomplishes.  The settings and items she makes are something to be proud of, as we all should be of anything we create from our own authentic self.   Enjoy the walk-through.


Thanks for joining me, I'd best go do that thing called dinner - you know, where you have to cook and wash dishes - the fun stuff.  Nah, think I'll go stand outside in the garden for a bit first.


PS ~ if anyone would like a look at more photos, most have been brought together on Carrie's Pinterest page at this LINK

Monday, 25 August 2014

Appreciation Pics

Good Morning?  Bonjour? Are you open?

Oh? La porte est ouverte, sont-lis dans le dos?

Ah! The spectacles are here, they cannot be far.

Perhaps I should ring the Bell?

These are all snaps I took this morning of the gift to my daughter on her High School Graduation from her Aunt, she got it a little later than that, I think we waited on hinges, don't we always!!!!  The sunlight spilling into her room this morning was lovely and I had the urge to share some appreciation.  I can go in and look at this gorgeous masterpiece anytime I like (the daughter has to go without while she's away at Uni).  I just feel good whenever I look at it and think someone made this and it's way way awesome and so I'm hoping to share a little of that feeling with you all.  My sister likes to say that anyone can make this, she's always working to encourage and show people how easy an effect can be to achieve.  I think she's a little more special than she thinks and what she believes to be a simple matter of paste, glue and paint is infused with more than a little magic as she creates.

Let's venture upstairs shall we?

Ah! A light switch, that could help.


Don't mind me, just having a look around.

I think I'll enjoy some time on this lounge for a bit before the next flight of stairs.  Two more floors to go, I'll let you know what I find.  Some of the accessories seen are from Carrie's collection of minis from other Artists.  I do not know them all, many are recognisable instantly to anyone who's been following minis for a while.  If there is anything you'd like to know the source/maker of please ask and if it isn't a piece Carrie has made herself, I'll track it down.  May you all have a beautiful day.  Blessings, Sherri-Lee.