Saturday, 18 July 2015

Well there you go

Ha, well there you go.  Dropped two followers overnight.  Don't go expressing yourselves people!!!! Stay in your little cocoons, don't go telling people their behaviour is gross and unacceptable.  You will be judged judged judged.  You will be misunderstood, hated, misrepresented.  And that's why these nasty people get away with it persistently.  Amazing isn't it?!!!  I tell people what some other  person says and does and I get dropped off the like list.... go get snotted.  Oh I'm sorry, I didn't put bows and smileys and heart emoticons everywhere so you could stay comfortable.  Good god, enjoy your happy happy smiley 'Truman Show' version of mini happiness. Ohhhh I'm sorry, I don't do enough mini's to keep you happy.  ..... interlude..... apparently it snows on Pluto, and the snow absorbs back up into the atmosphere..... cool.... sooo what was it I wonder, the WTF, the crap, the shitty?  Or the reference to a non-mini blog?  Or the image with The Swearword on it? That was sent by someone else to my sister, I didn't say it to someone.  OR is it just the fact that I am not talking about the subject matter you want to see and haven't for a while and that's the only reason you were here anyway.  Again, enjoy your day of getting snotted. 

 Here's some mini content...

My family love me and think I'm awesome, and I'm learning to realize that's more than enough.  Blog and FB popularity is overrated and transient.

Blessings to those who are awesome - Sherri-Lee


  1. I love this! I have some of your plates and will now enjoy them in a whole new light. Many smiley faces to you.

  2. Hi Janice!! Fantastic! I gladly receive the many smiley faces :) Wonderful to hear you'll be still be enjoying Carrie's plates after I've expelled my guts all over the place. May your day surround you with beauty.


Thank you! Hope your day is turning out awesome :)