Sunday, 4 January 2015


This is where my sister has come from, the is one of the reasons I greatly admire her.  She took a fall in 1991 off a ladder from roof height onto concrete.  When she first woke up she'd forgotten she had a sister, kept forgetting my name after that for a bit and had to relearn to write.  Letters she wrote to me not too long after looked like they'd been written by an 8 year old.  Fractured skull and 13 broken bones including 3 crushed vertebrae.  Rehabilitation was a long road and her injuries are something she has had to make room for in her life to this day, including the constant loud ringing in her ear.  Getting her hair to grow long after that has never really happened either.  Like many folks, she has not had a pretty, easy swinging life, everything she has now she's worked very very hard for.  She doesn't talk about it, doesn't give many details of her day to day, doesn't use much time speaking to the ridiculousness that comes her way, because she's too busy living a life she very nearly didn't get to have. 

 Just saying, because too many seem to think she has it so easy it's ok to take advantage, or brush her off.  Folks could stand to think a little harder before they make assumptions about people, all people, on all sides of the water, on all continents. Far too often I witness folks who think their day or their year or their decade is so hard, and others have it so much better, that it's ok to discount them as important.  It's never ok to be abusive because you don't think you're getting your item fast enough, or to leave crappy feedback because you didn't get the discount or the custom service you think you deserve.  It's never justified to single someone out for derision, or to splash ugliness across forums because you imagine it to be your right to critique anyone not pandering to your ego.  If we make it ok to discount someone else's humanity, someone else, thinking the same way, will discount ours. 

Ok, maybe some time in the next couple months I'll have some 'made' thing to show off, probably  not though.  Moving and all.  I'll be setting up home and finding where the shops are, and maybe digging some dirt to plant a flower or two.  If I've bruised any delicate sensibilities... well... stuff happens ay, and we go with the flow. 


I am not a mean or hurtful person.  I care deeply about my family and am very protective when I see something false or wrong being said.  For over 3 years I have watched other store owners use my sister’s items, choice of background, settings, shop name, business card design, and listing descriptions to shape their own stores and items.  I continually watch people make money off my sister’s creativity.  People use her ideas and themes to establish themselves, use the fact that she has already popularized an item to save themselves the time of raising awareness of a new product.  They just do the same product basics that she does.  People have bought items from her just to see how they are made and then start selling the same type of products. One store owner has repeatedly copied Carrie’s own words (word for word) into her own descriptions.  I’m sorry but that’s just pure bitchiness, and I do not apologize for saying so.  Some time ago we wrote “*This is my own work, please do not take my work and claim it as your own*”, on many of Carrie’s listings because her compositions were being copied and her actual items used in settings for resale with the seller giving the impression they had made the items themselves.  This has caused problems from others accusing Carrie of copying those artists – when it was her own work!  The response of one store owner was to write this on her listings “* This is my own idea, please do not take my idea and claim it as your own *” 

Seriously?!! Just a straight copy and paste changing only one word. It gives the impression that she believes Carrie is copying her. Why?!  We would change the format of Carrie’s listings and this person would do the same. This kind of ‘emulating’ has gone on for years. So my tolerance for it is gone. This kind of business tactic may be normal and accepted in much of the world, to me it lacks honour.

I do not wish any person ill, however I will not tolerate the blatant exploitation of my sister’s work or creativity, from anyone, and I see no reason why I should just smile and ignore it. She works very long hours to support herself and two young children, seeing people set out to undercut her small income angers me. It isn’t nice, it isn’t cute, it isn’t just good business – it’s predatory and debased. She isn’t setting out to play games and win popularity contests, she’s about making a decent life for her children and sharing her gift of creativity with like-minded people.

I’m writing this here, in public, for all to see if they so choose because the alternative was to engage in a pointless and blazing exchange with particular people who really don’t give a damn. I may also be slightly loose-lipped because of the soda water with lemon and vodka currently keeping me company as I come to the end of a long long long period of packing to move house. My gut is full of many things, and this ‘who copied whom, who did what first and who’s the most bestest, cheapest, fastest, most artistic and nicest’ bull-larky has worn so thin I’m shooting peas through the holes.  Whilst it can be said that there is no truely original idea anywhere and all are inspired by someone, somewhere, sometime; don't expect me to take it that it's just inspiration if you use my sister's name or items in a sentence to compare your stuff for sale, or sell her things on and name every bloomin' artist in your setting except her for some obscure reason my naive brain can't even begin to imagine.  And no I'm not accusing anyone of 'foul play', I am accusing more than one of a lack of moral fortitude, fragile egos, and sticky greed.  If it's bull patties, I'll call bull patties, and if someone's ego gets bruised in the process:

As Bart Simpson would say ‘EAT MY SHORTS’.

PS - no fictional character was harmed in the writing of this message.
PPS - forgive me Sister for any way in which I may have just earned you even more unreasonable and abusive convos in your inbox.
PPPS - we had rain!!! 7 inches of it after almost 3 years of next to nothing. Lovely lovely rain.

Namaste Lovelies. Happy New Year, be kind and live with integrity.