Friday, 3 April 2015

Well wishing.

To all those out there creating and dreaming.  I have not had much opportunity to sit and read blogs and catch up on the wealth of activity and imagination that is out there.  Many do not have the opportunity or inclination to blog their projects and dreams, so much beauty and accomplishment goes unnoticed by the wider community.  I take this opportunity to wish you all well - in your lives, your wellbeing, and your creative pursuits.  Keep dreaming, keep playing, find laughter and good friends and cultivate graciousness.

Namaste and well done,

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

One would think that at least one of these people to the right is trying to make it look like Carrie is copying her.  How odd.  The mugs pictured on the right are as recent as the past month, Carrie first made them in 2013.  What do you do?  Not much really. No point.  Someone who behaves this way is not normal, they do not care what you think, they care only about how they look and what they can get. They have loyal supporters who think they do no wrong and who will find ways to badmouth you to your peers.  It's pathological, and when they're still at it after 3 1/2 years and have made statements like  "of course I will discuss this with my clients, which certainly have been impressed by what is envious and jealous people when they see that the work is of a superior!" to random strangers, believing them to be their obviously jealous competition ...

Well I'd say it’s a compulsive habit.  Stay true to yourself, maintain your integrity, speak your truth when you can.  You know who you are and what you have and haven’t done, and you can only trust that the Universe does as well.  One day they will blow away like dust.  Personally I think Carrie Lavender deserves a medal of Valour.  I imagine, however, that her 'superior' speaks otherwise on other fronts.  As usual, Carrie says nothing.  Why would she, she has to live it.  Just remember always that no word once spoken can be unspoken and the Universe has a very long memory.   I'm bemused to say I have met some of the craziest, meanest, ugliest people via miniatures.  Some nice folks too... most of them not in miniature retail.  I am not looking for sympathy or comments of any kind, I expect misunderstanding, and certain people to use this to stir up more trouble.  I just want you ladies to know that I know what you do.  In a world like this you will always find support for it and it will earn you a kind of reward and income.  It is, however, fleeting and shallow.  The number of dogs you save and cows you don't eat will not make up for the things you do to your fellow humans.  Have a nice day.

~ * ~

Be kind to one another y'all. Sherri-Lee. 

Addendum, In response to a comment - dated 3/04/2015

And there it is, the reason Carrie says nothing, because of the judgmental leaps people like to take just to ignore the issue I am actually talking about.  The Beatrix Potter images Carrie PURCHASED a license to use, and are from the books which are not currently licensed by any publishing houses. The Flower Fairies she uses in compositions she also purchased license to use.  The issue I am talking about is the exact emulation of composition for the purpose of creating falsehood.  Carrie purchased those images and then added border elements to make them her own style.  She did not see that product in real size or in mini and decide to make her own version to beat out the competition.  It was a spontaneous idea in her head.  The other person pictured produced an identical composition - not long after Carrie and just happened to list them all when Carrie's shop was shut for holidays.  No law against it is there, that's why it is accepted.  I don't like it.  I don't like that my sister's or anyone else's shop is gone through regularly by people looking for ideas, the style and composition is copied and then 'this is my idea' is pasted all over their stuff.  I don't like the rudeness of it, or the creepiness of it.  The vintage hobgoblin images, I'm sure someone will be saying it's taken from someone else as well.  Well so are beds with four posts, so are ticking mattresses, houses with gables, gingerbread trim, castles with crenulations, Pink and Blue Toile wallpaper, Cupcakes, piles of vintage envelopes, ad nauseum.

The issue is the emulating and downright exact copy of composition and style, the failure to think of one's own idea and just to sweep through others to make a quick buck or maybe just to be funny, just to say 'hey you're not special, you're just re-using images and I can do that too so we can all sit around and laugh at how pathetic you are. Oh you just do decals on ceramic blanks, they aren't real miniatures, you didn't pour the ceramic yourself, you didn't faithfully reproduce the process of antique transferware.  Yes, have heard it all, and it's all irrelevant, Carrie has never claimed to do otherwise than produce decals applied to blanks for her ceramics.  It was always her intent to provide for those wanting something that looks good at a very affordable price - which means economical, efficient processing.  If people want really high end ceramic artisan pieces and have the budget to match then they can buy Sally Meekins, Miyuki Nagashima, or Stokesay Ware.  What I am talking about above is the PERSONAL attack, and words of derision.

Carrie very clearly states that she makes reproductions of real size as well as her own original designs.  She NEVER claims that she owns someone else's design, and on any Beatrix Potter item in her shop she very clearly states that she uses licensed images - as in images she has a license to use.  And you know what?  When she does make a completely new design from scratch - such as paper doll boxes and tea towels, other well known artists buy them, put them in their settings, sell them on and give no credit whatsoever, they put them in books for sale and give no credit.  That's fine, funny as batshit however, that other people's items in the same settings and publications get credit.  Why?  JUDGEMENT.  Unless we speak only of pretty things and inane niceties, everything said will be judged.  Nothing new there.  You have no idea of the amount of ugliness I have seen, no idea at all.  I try to express a little of that and as expected the point is missed in spectacular fashion.  Kudos to you however, for doing a little research after the words left the keyboard.  Your initial opinion is not isolated and is the cause of many judgmental convos.  I would not have made this post at all if this one woman had not made an exact copy of an item - by copy I mean same design elements in same arrangement, including black painted handles, AFTER she was contacted by Ava Evans to make a copy of Carrie's item, AFTER Ava dropped one too many princess-like dummyspits at Carrie and was asked not to return, AFTER years of similar behaviour, AFTER personal emails of not too pleasant and derisive content - YEARS AGO.  It's FUNNY that this woman then tacked 'this is my own idea' onto her listing.  Well actually I'd say it was probably Ava Evans idea.  Enjoy picking these words apart people, I'm out of mini love heart emoticon abuse for today. Let me be clear like crystalline water, this is MY OWN OPINION, not the words of Carrie Lavender, I do not make her items, I do not produce her ideas, I do not run her Etsy shop nor am I in any way affiliated with her creative process, so if anyone takes umbrage to my verbose sortie, please try to rise above and not unfriend, unsupport or seek to destroy Carrie in any way.  As I said - she says nothing, so people don't do stupid things around her any more than they already do  ..... That's how I feel about it hun. xx

While I'm on a podium, I feel the inclination to mention an incident which occured some time ago... a miniature artist publically and spectacularly named and shamed a Danish woman going by the name of Bedstemor for making molds and recasting plaster castings made by another mini creator for the use of putting them on the house she was building, she had very little finance and thought to save herself some cash, not realising the ramifications.  Long story short, this Danish woman was publically and shamefully reviled and judged.  The artist who did this shaming not long before and since has shown the metal cast stoves she makes.... having taken molds from Chrysonbon stove kits.  She then sells them, I guess it's ok because she added extra details to the original kits.  People cheered her on, congratulated her on her results, told her how talented she is.  Bedstemor disappeared, smothered by the weight of many high profile artisans who stood about and tossed verbal knives and threats like spectators at a Roman Stadium.  This is what I am talking about, the blind favouritism beyond the level of rational thought, at the expense of one chosen to be the scapegoat to deflect others' wrongdoing.   There are women who have a great deal of say and power in the mini scene, and faced with the risk of putting them off-side people stay silent on many fronts. Those who do not pay homage will be ostracized.  I'm walking away from miniatures myself at this point. It sickens me.