Saturday, 18 July 2015

Well there you go

Ha, well there you go.  Dropped two followers overnight.  Don't go expressing yourselves people!!!! Stay in your little cocoons, don't go telling people their behaviour is gross and unacceptable.  You will be judged judged judged.  You will be misunderstood, hated, misrepresented.  And that's why these nasty people get away with it persistently.  Amazing isn't it?!!!  I tell people what some other  person says and does and I get dropped off the like list.... go get snotted.  Oh I'm sorry, I didn't put bows and smileys and heart emoticons everywhere so you could stay comfortable.  Good god, enjoy your happy happy smiley 'Truman Show' version of mini happiness. Ohhhh I'm sorry, I don't do enough mini's to keep you happy.  ..... interlude..... apparently it snows on Pluto, and the snow absorbs back up into the atmosphere..... cool.... sooo what was it I wonder, the WTF, the crap, the shitty?  Or the reference to a non-mini blog?  Or the image with The Swearword on it? That was sent by someone else to my sister, I didn't say it to someone.  OR is it just the fact that I am not talking about the subject matter you want to see and haven't for a while and that's the only reason you were here anyway.  Again, enjoy your day of getting snotted. 

 Here's some mini content...

My family love me and think I'm awesome, and I'm learning to realize that's more than enough.  Blog and FB popularity is overrated and transient.

Blessings to those who are awesome - Sherri-Lee

Friday, 17 July 2015


So I posted this over on my other blog, mainly because that's where I put stuff that isn't light, fluffy and sweet, 'cause a lot of people have these little stomachs that just don't like a dash of reality sprinkled over their fantasy, but hey - what the hell - it's not like anyone's gonna read this much anyway, and if they do and if they take umbrage... should I care??? Because really, it's the caring about how people are going to react to your honest expression of WTF that perpetuates the wholesale allowance taken by a vast majority of narcissistic aggressive bitches who just keep on talking nasty-arse trash and threatening to ruin your public reputation if you speak back to it... screw that.  Some people are just so revolting, I'm going to speak about it whether folks like it or not. 

So here's the link to the post on Thought Thief and a little snippet of its content:

Just to CLARIFY, the picture below was SENT TO MY FAMILY MEMBER, it was not sent by me or that member of my family.

Some people may ask why my sister appears to get so much more of this type of customer and correspondence than anyone else.... perhaps simply because she doesn't put up with it and won't let manipulative, low-brained nastiness do whatever it wants.  Because she's very practiced in recognizing this type of personality and calls it out early, politely I might add .... and without fail she becomes the mirror to their own hidden foulness and they start abusing her with all the nastiness they won't say to themselves.  Say what you like about what you think Carrie Lavender is or isn't, but just know that she takes a stand against the abusers like this so those who don't have the stomach for it, don't have to.

  Others take the 'nice' stance: it's a type of naive fear-filled facade that just lets people like this walk all over you, leaving large boot-shaped imprints all over your self-image and shop.  I've seen recently an incident involving a thief by the name of Pamela Krase/Dixon/Ledgerman, where so many shop owners are coming out of the shadows of their convo inboxes to speak of how much this woman has cost them, both in money and in the terror they have endured at the inundation of her abusive and manipulative insanity via copious crazy lie-filled convos.  You had sleepless nights over trash like this?!!!! Why?????   Here are a few words of advice... you don't have to stay quiet.... and you don't have to just take it for fear of losing sales..... no really..... you don't.  

Why did Krasne get away with it for some two years and hundreds of dollars?  Because folks choose to keep their 'nice girl' faces on, and choose to stay in the mentality of victimhood, rather than grabbing their dragon, chucking on their armour and yelling 'tally ho' bitches!!!!  DENISE SANDLANDT thinks she's a fine example of Australian tough 'you can't tell me what to do' - no you're just revolting and you're what's shameful about this nation's culture of entitlement.  And I don't have to ignore it, just let it go, just believe in justice and balance, and ignore the haters.... That's the same as saying, I'm gonna let you do whatever nasty shit you like cause I'm 'nice', and I'm going to show everyone how much nicer I am than you by turning this rosy cheek and not speaking about it .....  Hell no!!!!

I swear, minis are a portal to the hellmouth - kind of like Teddy Bear and Doll shows, and women's auxillary bake offs.

Ohh and here's a link to one of the Etsy sellers Pamela Krasne/Dixon/Ledgerman stole from some time ago:

Kiki Bean Minis

She makes lovely mini Flower Arrangements.  If you're in the market for a sweet flower arrangement for your mini scene, go drop by and flow a little favour in Kiki Bean's direction to balance out the crap.